I have personal but VERY exciting announcement for you all today! As a few of you may already know, we’ve been hoping to move for a few years now..and it’s been a bit of a painful process. We recently decided to put fate back into our own hands and after a long few months we are finally getting the keys to our new home!!! This is a little bitter sweet for us because we’re leaving a home with 8 years of memories and a lot of first for our son Thomas.  I am also very happy to announce I’m heading back to my roots to a community that has always felt like home and I know my family will settle in quickly to our new surroundings. I’ve always said “once a mountain girl, always a mountain girl” and I truly feel that way!!! haha

For the next few weeks I will be pretty busy packing, moving, painting and getting my DIY on!  I will  still be working on upcoming wedding orders, but responding to messages and getting proofs done may take me a little longer then usual (so be patient with me). This is a huge transition for our family and it’s been a long time coming so we want to try to enjoy it the most we can.

So I’m sure you’re all wondering what this means for my ‘Creative Destiny’? Well, a 5 bedroom house comes with A LOT of perks and finally a space to call my own!!!
I’m so excited to get creative and move into my brand new in home studio, where I will be able to work quietly, be inspired and meet all you lovely brides in a fun, creative and personable atmosphere!!!!  No more traveling around to coffee shops with a box full of samples and swatches…HURRAY!!!

Stay tuned in the next month or so with photos of my new office and some wicked before and after photos 🙂 I CAN’T WAIT to show off my months of pinterest planning!

Can you tell I’m excited???

See you soon!