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Custom invitations are more affordable then you think - Seek and Bloom Creative Co. Weddings

Custom invitations are more affordable then you think

Do it yourself invitations are not the right fit for everyone,  they are usually unpersonalized, bland and a pain in the you know what to make.  Custom designed invitations are more affordable then you would initially think. Here I’m going to break down the pros and cons of choosing custom vs. DIY.

DIY Invitations VS. Custom Designed

– DIY Kits
• You usually have to buy more then you need and they don’t usually come in the exact color or theme you have chosen for your event.
• They are un-personal and don’t include extra paper for additional inserts.
• You need a fancy printer to print them on – Need to consider extra invitations for printing mishaps, ink problems and paper jams (which will happen a lot)
• Consider how time consuming it’s all going to be…figuring out how to print them, deciding on text and babysitting your printer while you print them (you will most likely pull an all-nighter if you have a full time job)
• You are very limited to what you can do with your invitations on the computer unless you have specific design software…there is only so much you can do with Microsoft Word.
• DIY doesn’t help you with typography & text layout on your invitations.  You’re not likely experienced at what is going to be most legible for your guests, what fonts to use to best suit your style or how to make it extra special with graphics, monograms or stylizing your names etc.

Breakdown on what you will need to make DIY invitations:
•Cost of the DIY kits (you will most likely need more then one)
•Printer and Ink – if you don’t already have one
•Extra paper for inserts
•Your VALUABLE time – What is your time is worth? (average 10+ hrs designing, prepping paper, printing,  assembling & making sure everything is PERFECT)
•Don’t forget to factor in all the late night coffees you will likely drink trying to get it all done  : )
•Extra envelopes, inserts and add ons like ribbon that don’t come with the DIY kit.
•Time you will spend assembling all your invitations

Bonuses of Choosing Custom Designed
•We give FREE quotes & consultations
•Custom Design & proofs can be emailed before printing
•You get professional service for layout, graphics and professional printing of invitations and RSVP’s  (without having to lift a finger or leave your home)
•Specialty Paper & Envelopes – we have a large variety of samples to choose from that you won’t find a big box stores.
If we don’t currently have what your looking for, we will find it for you at a great price!
•Shipping and delivery service is available! and if you are REALLY busy we can also stuff and label your invitations for you : )

BONUS – Hiring a professional to do your invitations is virtually STRESS FREE!!

Are custom designed invitations right for you? – Ask yourself these 10 simple questions

~ Do you want your wedding to stand out and be unique?
~ Do you have a specific theme or color you are trying to match and can’t find a DIY invite that fits your needs?
~ You have no idea where to begin?
~ Are you to busy to make your own invitations or don’t have the resources at home to make them and print them yourself?
~ You don’t have a crafty bone in your body?
~ You want to impress your guests with a beautiful invitation you can be proud of?
~ You believe in supporting local over mass produced and large companies, who don’t really care about you, or your wedding?
~ Are you completely lost when it comes to wording for your invitation?
~ ALL your wedding stationery needs to match? (don’t worry we get it) – We can help with everything your heart desired ~ invitations, programs, menu’s, Favor tags, table numbers & thank you cards

Let A Creative Destiny help with some of the stress of planning your wedding!!
Contact today for a free quote on all your stationery needs.

Email: ashley@creativedestiny.ca
Phone: 691-1224

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