Look at me now!

Today was a BIG day!  Today, I realized how far my business has come in the past year. Last February I started completely from scratch, a business name, website, some paper samples, a few personal designs for myself and some friends…that was it!  I had no idea where I was going or where I might be a year down the road. All I knew is I had a DREAM and one day I hoped that my little business idea would allow me to stay home, raise my son and do that I love…DESIGN!

Last April I setup a tiny little table at the Great Cloth Diaper Change event in the town of Berwick. I was just starting out, and it was the first time I exposed my ‘idea’ to the public. I was nervous, I didn’t know what reactions I would get, I feared rejection and at that time I didn’t really even know where I was headed.

WELL!  This year when I setup, I reflected on that that tiny little card table and thought to myself…look at me now!!!! I filled a eight foot table with TONS of creative ideas, samples of work i’ve completed over the past year. It looked interesting, creative and people loved browsing through my cards, samples and my portfolio. I was PROUD of my work and my accomplishment over the past year. I started thinking… If I did this big of a change to my small business in just one year, where am I going to be next April, or the year after that? It completely pumped me up, to keep growing and challenge myself to think BIG and outside the box 🙂

One week from tomorrow I will be attending the East Coast Momma Collective Spring Fair in Halifax. It will be my first big show outside of the Valley and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to showcase my work. I finally feel ready (mentally and physically) and I’m excited to show off my creative passion!

I leave you with this….Where do you picture your small business being a year from now?
Keep up the hard work! those late nights, dedication and passion really does pay off.


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