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I spent today at the Hubbard barn in support of Baby Ezekiel.
You can read about Ezekiels story here :
It was a beautiful day with lots of fun, laughter and amazing local artisans. Every time I do a show I try to do two things 1. have new products to showcase and 2. modify my display somehow. My biggest challenge this time around was I had designed a new line of large greeting cards and had no idea how to display them. Luckily my handy dandy Dad came to the rescue a few weeks prior to the event and we took apart an existing display and put a larger ledge on it for the bigger cards.  My first plan was to put doweling across the fronts to hold the cards in but with the lean on the shelf and the far that they would have blocked from seeing a bit of the design my Mom had a brilliant idea of using the twine! it turned out AMAZING! I painted the previously white shelf green and sanded around the edges to make it look rustic and the twine really finished of the look I was going for!

Soooo what’s next on the design list??? a few cute fall designs & then I will be focusing on CHRISTMAS!

Next show is September 15th (East Coast Momma Collective) Wolfville Pop-up Fair

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